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Sports massage is aimed at the physically active person, whether ultra competitive or just socially orientated. Treatment combines both therapeutic and remedial massage styles and the techniques used therein to facilitate healing or preventative soft tissue injuries. In addition, specialised taping & strapping techniques, including kinesiology tape can facilitate postural support, Proprioceptive signals, and healing benefits during a rehabilitation period.


Treatments for active people can involve pre-event, during exercise and post-event therapies. A regular maintenance massage can often prevent muscle, tendon, or ligament damage and assist in “keeping you active” or “on the park”.


Sports massage includes:


• Prevention of injuries through muscle conditioning

• Treatment of a specific injury or muscle fatigue

• Improved performance via fit and healthy musculature

• Increased range of motion and flexibility

• Removal of lactic acid and “waste” fluids

• Increased awareness of your body and its physical agility

• Increased muscle capacity prior to performance, or

• Relaxation techniques to support and aid healing and balance post-event

Kinesiology taping

Facilitated/passive stretch

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