Tony Fort - Dip R.M

ABN 27 905 692 498


A therapeutic massage is a wonderful experience to relax the body as a whole. It relieves stress and tension, increases blood circulation and helps re-set the body’s natural postural balance.


Feet, legs, back, shoulders, neck, arms and head are generally worked on, but you will be asked about your preferences prior to treatment. The therapist uses a variety of massage strokes which are gentler than deep tissue work, which invigorates your body's outer layers and gives a feeling of well-being and comfort.


This therapy is great for regular soft tissue maintenance and is both therapeutic and a “feel good” massage. It can also be very effective during pregnancy giving the expectant mum relief from the bodily aches and pains, especially during the 2nd and 3rd trimester.


The available Gift certificates are a great way of offering a pleasant experience for yourself or a special friend. Please see “Gift Certificates” tab for details.

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