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Hot Stone Massage 

The benefits of hot stone therapies have been known for centuries in ancient India, China, North America and Hawaii, for example. The combination of hydrotherapy and thermotherapy (heat applications), with the therapeutic strokes of massage create a deep, relaxing and healing treatment.


The heated stones (to an exact temperature) are specifically placed on certain areas of the body to apply warmth and a soothing flow of energy whilst others may be used by the therapist to enhance soft tissue manipulation.


The session will typically be between 60 and 90 minutes and will leave you feeling ultra relaxed with improved flexibility and comfort. The session can be combined with therapeutic, remedial massage, lymphatic drainage or Reiki. The choice is yours!


Benefits of Hot Stone Massage are:

• Mental, emotional and physical healing

• Reduced soft tissue pain symptoms

• Reduction of stress, insomnia, anxiety and tension

• Increased circulation and blood flow

• Reduced arthritis pain

• Assists detoxification & lymphatic functioning

• Aids in deep tissue therapies

• Improves rehabilitation of repetitive strain injuries

• Assists in healthy energetic flow




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