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I have been interested and involved in physical activities from a very young age. Being fortunate enough to play a number of sports at state representative level during my youth, gave me an early appreciation on our varying states of physical health. As I have matured, I have realised the additional importance of mental and emotional balance culminating in our overall wellbeing. When it is all said and done, life is to be enjoyed (and maybe lessons learned), and improved health and wellbeing gives us an avenue to explore and be open to what life offers.


Bodywork therapies have proven to be a major healing method to all the above facets of our lives. I decided to undertake a number of natural healing modalities that seemed valuable to improving our human state of wellbeing. These include remedial, sports and therapeutic massage, lymphatic drainage, and energy work that can be labelled in a number of ways depending on cultural and belief systems. My training in energy work resulted in a master attunement in Reiki, called “Tanran Reiki”, from the Dr Mikao Usui lineage, out of Japan. Energy work has been used throughout history as a means of reconnection to our inner wellbeing.


I am currently a qualified soccer and cricket coach and have a Level 1 Sports Trainer Certificate from Sports Medicine Australia (SMA). I am a member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT), and a Soft Tissue member of SMA. Additional benefits offered to clients include information and support during any rehabilitation/healing periods. I also hold Certification in Myoskeletal therapies and Advanced Sports Taping. The use of kinesiology tape can help the sportsperson back to physical mobility. Advice on nutrition and exercise programs can also assist in a speedy recovery for clients.

Tony Fort - Dip R.M

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